What does choice of decorative plasters instead of paints and wallpapers mean?

The aesthetic qualities of decorative plasters make you feel special in your house. Neither paint nor decorative panels will let you achieve so exclusive effect as decorative plasters do. If you look for something that will change décor, office or bathroom then choose decorative plasters.

Greater durability. Colour doesn’t fade and walls are resistant to dirt, washing off and worning away because of many coats and layers. Each type of plaster consists of at least a few layers applied by means of specialist tools.

You save time and money. Once applied plaster doesn’ t need cyclic reviving and next renovation. It makes you sure that you don’t have to waste more money and time in the future for the next renovation..

Better mechanical qualities. Decorative plasters offer perfect adhesion. By contrast with paints or wallpapers they don’t come unstuck from the wall, and cracks and blowholes don’t appear. Decorative plaster can be applied in rooms of high humidity and temperature ( for example in the bathroom or by the fireplace). You don’t have to limit yourself to dry places of normal temperature and flat surface, for example Venetian stucco presents as a perfect completion of columns.

Why am I the best person to help you in carrying out total revolution on your walls?

I know how is it when after making decision about beginning redecoration you start thinking about appearance of your walls. Nowadays producers try to outdo one another in inventing new techniques of putting the finishing touches to a flat. The choice of applying your walls is not a simple task to do because of multiplicity of possible solutions. Except for choosing the colour you have to consider the fact how facing of the walls will react on mechanical damage, humidity and dirt. That is why you should establish cooperation with our company.

That is why you should establish cooperation with our company:

Certificates. I am an official partner of Magnat company. I completed specialist course of that company. It makes you sure that decorative plasters will be carried out properly according to producer’s recommendation and your expectation.

Materials and types of plasters. I am working on reputable materials only and I do my best to make you remember me. Go to ‘Services’ to check which decorative plasters are avalaible..

Experience. I have a few years of experience on Polish market. Currently I am improving and modernizing my works on French market, mainly in the capital of this city. From the beginning of my adventure in magic world of decorative plasters I have experimented, introduced many modifications, added different motifs to my work. It makes you sure that projects implemented by me are unusual in competitive shops.

Prices. I try to make a valuation of work so it would stay within the average market value. Go to ‘Prices’ or contact me. I will be glad to answer your questions.